Our Mission

With our team of experienced flooring professionals we are committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. We strive to earn your trust by providing answers to your toughest questions and plan to keep it by going the distance to guarantee your satisfaction.


What We Do

In addition to end users, 5280 Contract Flooring works with some of the most respected interior designers, architects and general contractors in the area. Our work can be seen throughout Colorado in condominiums, schools, public buildings, hospitals and office towers.


We supply a wide variety of Commercial grade carpet in a wide range of prices and styles.  Carpet provides a sound absorbing and comfortable flooring for a variety of locations and work spaces. Styles range from cut pile, tip shears and patterned carpets.  We carry Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Natural fibers and Wool Carpet.  Today, Nylon carpets are available with soil and stain resistant features and can be an economical choice.  

Resilient Flooring   

This is an evolving market, with a wide range of product categories.  Synthetic products like rubber and vinyl tiles, planks and sheet goods are durable, easy to maintain floor coverings.  Natural products like cork and linoleum are made from renewable resources and carry less of an environmental footprint.  Let us get you up to date on the latest wear surfaces, formats and time saving installation methods available.


Ceramic, porcelain, and stone.  Floor and wall.  Inside and out.  We've got you covered.


Wood flooring in the commercial market can be tricky.  Finding the right product that meets your design criteria and can handle the conditions of your site is the key.  Taking into account the ambient conditions of the space, evaluating the subfloor conditions and selecting the right installation method are critical to delivering a quality job.

Furniture Lift

By gently lifting your furniture panels just enough to replace the carpet, we save you time and money by eliminating the need to break down your systems furniture.  Not all furniture can be lifted, and some require special tools, call us to schedule a site visit to see if your facility is a good fit.

Static Control Flooring
Commonly referred to as ESD flooring (Electrostatic discharge), it's an important part in the system a facility employs to control static.  We have the experience to guide you through product selection and installation.